n Farmer’s Weekly - Thinning out fruit on peppers - vegetable production

Volume 2019 Number 19022
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


The subject of thinning fruit in a pepper crop has many facets. To start with, peppers come in various growth types and have different bearing habits, all of which influence pruning and fruit thinning. Some varieties grow far taller than others. These are invariably planted in tunnels, where they are led up by twine to increase their yield and extend the harvest season. If you opt for taller growers in an open land, you’ll need to place short stakes with twine strung between them on either side of each double row to prevent the plants from flopping over onto the soil and damaging the fruit. If you don’t wish to go through this effort and expense, select a more compact cultivar that does not require this support. Such types tend to have a concentrated bearing habit.

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