n AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society - The relevance of Western type of democracy to African states and way forward

Volume 9 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1998-4936
  • E-ISSN: 2075-6534



In pursuit of the African Union Commission Agenda 2063's Africa of good governance, democracy and the rule of law, there is need to develop and strengthen democratic institutions of accountability, but there are questions about the suitability of liberal democracy for African countries. This study is informed by the qualitative methods employing secondary data analysis of democratic governance in Africa in a bid to establish why there appears to be a perennial democratic deficit. Findings reveal that, the solution may not lie in transplanting institutions of Western democracy to Africa. African states have made declarations purporting to promote democratic values to no avail. The study recommends the establishment of vibrant democratic institutions as necessary but not sufficient for democracy to thrive. Africa could come up with its own conception(s) of democracy through a model in this study which responds to its culture, economic and social needs to enable good governance.

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