n The Retail and Marketing Review - The influence of green image, physical environment quality and green trust on green purchase intention

Volume 15 Number 1
  • ISSN :


The emerging natives of green purchasing and green supply chain management in South Africa are quite hostile and characterised by many players who scramble for market share, profitability and long-term survival. Organisations doing business under this initiative need to think of new business ideas to remain competitive. The study was done to analyse the influence of green image, physical environment quality, green trust and green purchase intention on various sectors of the economy. With research methodology having two main techniques, a quantitative research technique was used in this study. 332 questionnaires were collected from students and staff members of the One University of Technology (UoT). The hypotheses of the variables were tested using structural equation modelling (SEM). Thereafter, the results of the tests revealed positive and significant relationships between the predictor constructs (green image, physical environment quality and green trust) and the outcome variable (green purchase intention). Physical environment quality, green image and green trust were the most important constructs in influencing green purchasing intentions. The results of the study may be used as a measure in addressing the challenges that green purchasing indicatives incorporate.

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