n Neotestamentica - Dictionary of the Bible and Western Culture, Mary A. Beavis & Michael J. Gilmour (Eds.)

Volume 53 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0254-8356
  • E-ISSN: 2518-4628


This dictionary aims at providing orientation for writers and readers who appreciate that intellectual developments and artistic productions do not occur in a vacuum. Rather, we inherit much from those who are deceased, regardless of the subject. In the words of the editors:

Readers also discover before long that the Bible is one particularly influential layer of narration. Artists and thinkers from Augustine to Avatar write in its margins, telling their own stories alongside that ancient bundle of tales. For many readers, however, the Bible is as remote as Avatar’s moon Pandora and its language as incomprehensible as Pandora’s Na’vi. This dictionary aims to assist those who need basic, easily accessible information about the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. Whereas more technical dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and commentaries offer the kinds of analyses necessary for in-depth research, our intent is more modest, providing an easy-to-use quick reference for those needing to track down information on characters, phrases, places, and concepts originating in the Bible. (p. vii)

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