n AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society - The effectiveness of agricultural support NPOs in facilitating local economic development

Volume 9 Number si1
  • ISSN : 1998-4936
  • E-ISSN: 2075-6534



Non-profit organisations (NPOs) are prominent in stimulating local economies – more particularly in rural areas – thus this paper documents the role of non-profit organisations that support agriculture in fostering local economic development and utilises a case study of the Siyavuna Abalimi Development Centre. The theoretical framework of this paper employed hypotheses that include: economic theories of the NPO; the co-management or co-production theory; and the stakeholder theory of the NPO. This paper employed a qualitative research design. Twelve semi-structured interviews were conducted with Siyavuna representatives and the LED officer from the Hibiscus Coast Local Municipality. The findings of this paper reveal that Siyavuna is an organisation that is highly active in LED activities. Its representatives regard the organisation as a LED project. The findings further demonstrate that Siyavuna has been striving to establish relationships and partnerships with local government since the time that it had been operating as a project and had not yet been registered as an NPO. The results reveal that within this relationship is a lack of trust and further issues such as conflict, in terms of respective community development approaches: Siyavuna uses the “bottom-up” approach, while local government uses a “top-down” tactic.

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