n Indilinga African Journal of Indigenous Knowledge Systems - Backward? Or self-delusion? A critical analysis of the cultural significance of the feeding/eating habits of the traditional Shona people in Zimbabwe

Volume 18 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1683-0296


Westernization is still highly regarded among some Shona people and is usually, though mythically associated with, misconstrued as development. Most aspects of the traditional African people’s way of life, in this case feeding habits, have been relegated by many to the backyard and substituted by purportedly, more advanced and modern table manners which are a mere replica of western life. Using the theories of Afrocentricity and Africana Womanism, the article argues that in doing so, the Shona have unwittingly thrown away many humanistic elements exuded by the indigenous people’s approach to eating; elements which remain vital even in dealing with some challenges confronted by modernity. Overall, the article posits that traditional feeding habits are far from being backward for they exude many positive aspects that can shape even modern life. Rather, those who repudiate the feeding habits do suffer from self-delusion and modern myopia.

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