n Journal of Education and Entrepreneurship - Social networking in school environment that put in place the supply of drug and substance abuse into schools in Kenya

Volume 6 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2636-4794



Social net-working is the use of internet–based social media sites to stay connected with friends and families. The purpose of this research was to look into the social net-working in the school environment that put in place the supply of drugs in selected secondary schools in Kenya. The research was based on social learning theory. The research was conducted in Nandi County schools in Kenya. Twenty four randomly selected schools out of 235 county schools were engaged in the study. A sample size of 1292 respondents was obtained using purposive and simple random sampling techniques. The participants include Deputy Principals, Counselors, and teachers teaching Life Skills subject and students. The data instruments used included questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions and structured interviews. The data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics, frequency, tables, graphs, and percentages. The findings of this study established that social networks that students use to infiltrate drugs into the school included: mobile phones that are sneaked to schools by hiding them inside packets of biscuits or tin of powdered milk, and private parts. Mobile phones facilitated communication whenever students needed to talk to their sources. Outsiders secretly sold drugs to students during festivities such as music and games. Teachers and security guards in schools did not check on student’s luggage on opening day which became an easy leeway of getting drugs into schools. The study recommended that school security officers be trained effectively and be provided with sniffer dogs that could detect the presence of drugs.

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