n African Renaissance - Post humanism, virtual warfare, and the defence preparedness of nations : a case for Africa’s readiness

Volume 16 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1744-2532
  • E-ISSN: 2516-5305



Background: The era of posthumanism has signalled a shift in the modal appraisal of global warswith attendant wave of restocking of defence arsenals with high tech virtual compliant weaponry. Despite this development, most nations in Africa are yet to grapple with the fact that the world is in the virtual warfare phase of development, which calls for a change in orientation.

Methods: The study adapted a model developed in Global Defence Perspective (GDP) in lieu of survey data. Here the research assesses the placement of countries along the hierarchy of defence spending for the purpose of analysis.

Results: The authors identified acute corruption, bad leadership, appendages of belligerent nations, policy discontinuity, excessive reliance on mono-economy, declining industrial potentials, infrastructural decay, massive unemployment, weakened economies, and a host of other factors as barriers to defensive investment in Africa.

Conclusions: The discourse appealed to national administrators in Africa to rise up in order to checkmate the probable challenges that are visible through the threat or violence associated with cyber warfare.

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