n Farmer’s Weekly - Getting down to business with geese farming - business - goose down

Volume 2019 Number 19039
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


About 12 years ago, Anton and Sharon Kock resigned from their jobs in the banking sector and bought the farm Schoonzicht, near Ficksburg in the Eastern Free State. “We wanted to escape the rat race,” admits Anton. But their life in the country has been no idle affair. In the intervening years they have built up a successful goose down and feather production business that has become the economic backbone of the farm. “From the outset, our mission was to add as much value as possible, and not allow our primary product to leave the farm gate without increasing its worth. And that’s how Ember Down came about.” Sharon, who grew up on a dairy farm in the Heidelberg district, credits her grandmother with the idea of their business. ‘Granny Lloyd’, as she was known, made duvets and pillows from goose down and feathers. Drawing on this background, and with an interest in geese as a driving force, Sharon started Ember Down shortly after she and Anton settled on the farm.

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