n Journal of Early Christian History - Shrines and schools in Byzantine Cappadocia

Volume 9 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2222-582X



This article has two distinct sections: the first discusses churches and the second schools in Byzantine Cappadocia. Between the fifth and the eleventh centuries the churches in this province of the empire were not only the places where the liturgy was performed, but also the social and spiritual centres of villages, towns, army garrisons, monastic complexes, etc. They fulfilled the same specific functions regardless of the purpose and scale concerning the settlements in which they were located. The article provides evidence to illustrate what these functions were and, to some extent, by which means they were accomplished. It also makes some suggestions with respect to the physical appearance of schools in the area. In so doing it allows plausible generalisations regarding the layout of other educational establishments throughout the empire. As known, there has not been substantial material published on this subject in the field of Byzantine Studies and any contribution made on this topic should be welcome.

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