oa South African Journal of Higher Education - Being first year B.Ed. foundation phase student teachers at a university : wrestling apprehension in and through a chosen career - research

Volume 33 Number 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



This article sought to understand the anxieties and challenges faced by Foundation Phase student teachers during their teacher training programmes and ask the following question: What are the student teachers’ anxieties and challenges in regard to career path they have chosen in the near future? In this article, researchers argue that the vast number of students suffer from anxiety better known to themselves. The article argues that the diverse nature of anxieties experienced by student teachers might have varied adverse consequences and might lead to dropping out of the programme or simply leading a miserable career life. Qualitative exploratory design was utilised in which a purposive sampling procedure was adopted in selecting 383 respondents doing Foundation Phase Initial Teacher Education (ITE) programme from three universities. Data were thematically analysed. The most identified causes of student anxiety revolve around finances, self-esteem, career identities and choices conundrum. This article would not necessary provide all the answers but seeks to provide deeper understanding of the anxieties experienced by student teachers and provide credible empirical findings. The researchers recommend that this study be conducted in other universities across South Africa.

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