oa Journal of Contemporary Management - An industry perspective on the knowledge areas required from marketing graduates in South Africa

Volume 16 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1815-7440



There have been several studies on the requirements of marketing graduates in developed countries. It was noted that none of these studies considered the perspective of the marketing industry in emerging countries such as South Africa. The primary objective of this article is to identify the industry’s perspective on the knowledge areas required from marketing graduates in South Africa. A quantitative research approach was used to gather empirical data from potential employers of marketing graduates to determine the most sought after knowledge areas as well as areas for improvement. Empirical data were collected through a web-based computer-assisted self-administered online questionnaire. Findings indicate that the top priority for practitioners is knowledge related to areas associated with strategic marketing and marketing context. Design-related knowledge was identified as a less critical area. The importance-performance gaps were the highest for product mix and line decisions, marketing communications, and strategic marketing. Suggestions for educators, employers and marketing students as well as some future research directives are provided.

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