n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Self-concepts and interpersonal relationships among non teaching staff of the University of Abuja : implications for job satisfaction and performance - research

Volume 27 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1117-1421


This correlational research design investigated self concepts and interpersonal relationships among non-teaching staff of the University of Abuja, Nigeria. The population for the study consisted of non teaching staff of the University which comprises one thousand five hundred (1500) according to Registry Department, Establishment Division (2017). Stratified random sampling procedure was used to draw a sample size of one hundred and fifty (150) respondents across eight (8) departments/units-staff school, security unit, Bursary, Registry, Student Affairs, Institute of Education (IOE), medical centre and works and services. Two research questions and three hypotheses were formulated to guide the conduct of the study. Two Instruments were adapted to generate data for the study-workers’ opinion inventory (WOI) and workers’ self concepts scale (WSCS). The results revealed that there were no significant differences in self concepts and interpersonal relationship among the non-teaching staff of the University of Abuja. A significant relationship was however found between self-concepts and interpersonal relationships among the staff of the university with correlation coefficient at 0.01 level. The authors recommended among other measures that career counsellors should be appointed and saddled with the responsibility of boosting workers’ self-concepts and interpersonal relationships at work place through appropriate tests and non-tests techniques.

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