n Mental Health Matters - My "Cancer" is called depression - research

Volume 6 Number 5
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37 years ago, severe headaches, self-doubt, a lack of confidence and poor concentration amongst other symptoms were my ‘normal’. I had to pretend all is good just to survive. One day at a time. I was the best clown on the university campus, convincing others I was fine. OK. However, a psychologist diagnosed me with depression. My condition had a name which became my passport to live life again. Easy? No, but it’s my choice how I approach my journey. Years ago I had to come up with creative ways to manage my depression better. In my case therapy sessions and medication are nonnegotiable. But I had to find ways to cope with depression between therapy sessions. Watching sports on TV, is the closest I get to any sports field. I became a member at the local gym and soon realised that exercising makes me feel better. In more ways than one the gym has become my go to place – to keep my mind off things.

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