n Journal of Educational Studies - The key attributes of inquiry-based learning : towards effectiveness in South African schools

Volume 17 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1680-7456


A common thread in contemporary research on school effectiveness refers, inter alia, to new and evolving strategies to promote teaching and learning in schools. One of the more popular and recent strategies in this regard is that of inquiry-based learning. Pedagogy world-wide is slowly but surely shifting from teacher and textbook dissemination of facts and information to learner-centred construction of knowledge and learning. The use of inquiry as a tool to strengthen learning in schools and improve school effectiveness has been documented and discussed extensively in the educational research literature, but very little has been written on these concepts and their link locally. This paper, based on a descriptive review of the literature, focuses on the analysis of the concepts of inquiry-based learning and school effectiveness in South African schools. It raises issues that South African schools are facing as they engage in inquiry-based learning strategies. It is evident from this research that there are key factors that promote the rise of inquiry-based learning as a potentially useful and meaningful way to improve learning among learners and consequently school effectiveness.

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