oa Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development - Dissemination of quality knowledge for educational, community and national development : our inaugural editorial statement

Volume 1 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2706-5596



This is an editorial statement for the Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development (JERRCD); the journal is releasing its inaugural publication. The article provided a brief background to the journal, and the research forum that birthed the Journal was situated, coupled with it meritorious promises for quality knowledge production. The reviews and the review processes, the ethical issues considering the operation of the journal was itemised with request for adequate compliance by the contributors (authors). In order to describe the compendium of originality and quality production, the article also described the calibre of pioneering scholars that constitute the editorial board. The article conclusively described it modus operandi as second to none with an affirmative recommendation for well-meaning scholars to partner with us in the journey.

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