oa Journal of Education Research and Rural Community Development - Framing ubuntu philosophy to reconstruct principals’ behaviour and teachers’ effectiveness in secondary schools

Volume 1 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2706-5596



The dwindling of teachers’ effectiveness in secondary schools as linked to the behaviour of principals necessitates this study. The study was theorised with Ubuntu philosophy to uncover deficiencies relating to principals’ organisational behaviour indices such as; communication, participatory decision making and stress management as correlates of teachers’ effectiveness in secondary schools in Ekiti State Nigeria. Descriptive research of survey design was used to cover all public secondary schools in Ekiti State. Seven hundred and twenty (720) respondents were sampled; 360 teachers and 360 students were selected using a multi-stage sampling procedure. Principal Behaviours Questionnaire”(PBQ) administered on teachers and “Teacher Effectiveness Questionnaire”(TEQ) administered on students were used to collect data. Face and content validity were used to ascertain the degree of accuracy and appropriateness of the instruments. Test-retest reliability method of the instruments was done with reliability coefficients of 0.77 and 0.94 respectively. Descriptive statistics (frequency counts and percentages) and Inferential Statistics (Pearson Product Moment Correlation PPMC and Regression Analysis) were used to analyse the data. The study found out that the effectiveness of teachers is on average while principals’ behaviour variables are highly significant to teachers’ effectiveness with the conclusion that communication, participatory decision making and principal stress management are the dimension of teachers’ effectiveness in secondary schools.

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