n Journal of Minimum Intervention in Dentistry - What effect has CPP-ACP on the plaque pH? [October 26, 2018] - preliminary systematic literature searches

Volume 12 Number 6
  • ISSN : 1998-801X


Search result: One article, reporting on 2 clinical trials, was identified, concerning plaque pH-decrease after sucrose challenge: (a) comparison of CPP-ACP containing paste with no paste; (b) comparison of CPP-ACP containing paste with placebo.

Clinical outcomes:
The results show a significant reduction in plaque pH fall after sucrose challenge with CPP-ACP containing paste.

State of evidence and recommendations: The results of both reported trials need to be regarded with caution due to: unclear reporting of study methods and results in text and tables; spelling errors in text; use of a ‘run-in phase’ before the trial. A run-in phase is a stage before a trial where patients are pre-selected that respond well to treatment. Such stage effectively excludes patients, introduces potential selection bias and thus generates risk of overestimation of subsequent trial results.

[‘Preliminary Systematic Literature Searches’ are based on SYSTEM’s periodic systematic searches of the dental literature and provide first overviews over existing clinical evidence but are limited in the number of databases searched, as well as the assessment of precision and internal validity of results and thus do not replace the need for a full systematic review report to the topic]

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