n Without Prejudice - POPI versus technology : did you consent to your toothbrush spying on you? - POPIA

Volume 19 Number 11
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


Welcome to the digital age. As you wake up, your smart thermostat automatically adjusts the temperature to your preference and the electronically timed blinds open, letting in the light. Your smart toothbrush connected to your smartphone app monitors your brushing technique, while your smart watch records your vital signs. A breakfast suggestion from your smart fridge, based on your diet, is displayed and your phone loads news content for your morning read. You listen to a recommended playlist in your semiautonomous vehicle en route to the office. Your ostensibly private routine is known by several companies, which have formed a detailed profile of your life and preferences. You are a data target. Did you consent, did you even know?

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