n Journal of Child & Adolescent Mental Health - Parenting styles and socio-demographic dynamics associated with mental health of in-school adolescents in Ibadan, south-west Nigeria

Volume 31 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1728-0583
  • E-ISSN: 1728-0591
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Background: Positive parenting and enabling socio-demography, engenders good conduct in adolescence. Balanced parental demandingness and emotional responsiveness, deployed by authoritative parents, supports adolescents’ mental health. Parental emotional responsiveness deters peer-pressured risky behaviours; while parental negligence, permissiveness, or demandingness encourages mental health problems. This is especially in the context of unfavourable socio-demographic setting.

Aim: We aimed to evaluate parenting styles and socio-demographic factors associated with adolescents’ mental health.

Method: A cross-sectional multistage study was conducted with 286 in-school adolescents in Ibadan, Nigeria. Data were collected with questionnaires. The questionnaires evaluated socio-demography, mental health, and perceived parenting styles using the Strength and Difficulty Questionnaire (SDQ) and Scale of Parenting Styles (SPS) questionnaires. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS 21.

Results: Some of the adolescents in this study, experienced peer problems (4.9%), conduct problems (9.4%), hyperactivity problems (0.7%), emotional problems (14.3%), and they lacked pro-social behaviours (11.1%). In comparison to adolescents who perceived fathers as authoritative, adolescents who perceived fathers as less demanding experienced emotional (p = 0.01) and peer (p = 0.02) problems. Perceived maternal negligence and authoritarian parenting was associated with more peer problems (1.5±2.3 and 1.3±2.2) in comparison to perceived maternal authoritative style (0.6±1.5). Most adolescents from lower social class experienced conduct (88.8%; p = 0.07) and emotional problems (73.2%; p = 0.20).

Conclusion: Competent parenting style and socio-economic resources supports resilience to mental health problems in adolescents.

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