n Servamus Community-based Safety and Security Magazine - The intricacies of investigating corruption of public officials - research

Volume 112 Number 12
  • ISSN : 1015-2385


Corruption among public officials is a real problem. Various cases that had been reported to the Anti-Corruption Task Team (ACTT) in 2010 are still under investigation, with no specific indication as to when these cases will be court ready. The tendency of corruption among South African public service officials is illustrated by a scandal involving the Passenger Railway Agency of South Africa (PRASA), a South African state-owned enterprise, in charge of the majority of passenger rail services in the country. The PRASA board expedited the resignation of their Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lucky Montana in 2015 amid corrupt activities, allegations and counter-allegations - all playing out in the public domain. The board itself was replaced in light of allegations of maladministration, which prompted political parties as well as social groups to file criminal charges against them relating to their contract with a train manufacturer in Spain (Msimang, 2015). These criminal cases are currently under investigation with no clear indication of when these PRASA board members will face their day in court.

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