n Oilseeds Focus - Improve sunflower oil and seed yield by planting on time - quality & nutrition

Volume 5 Number 4
  • ISSN : 2410-1206


Following soya beans, peanut and rapeseed, sunflower oil is the fourth most important vegetable oil in world trade, with an annual production of around 18 million tons and a cultivated area of over 47 million hectares. As it is relatively drought tolerant and utilises soil nutrients efficiently due to its welldeveloped and deeply penetrating root system, sunflower is usually grown in rain-fed systems. South Africa is the only country in Africa that features among the top 15 global sunflower seed producers. The country is ranked twelfth and accounts for a 2% share of global output at 49 million tons. Local sunflower seed production reached 874 595 tons in the 2016/17 production season.

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