n Stockfarm - The best way to manage your sheep - feed & grazing

Volume 9 Number 12
  • ISSN : 2221-7304


A typical flock of sheep consists of approximately 150 to 300 ewes. Four to six camps must be available for each flock. The size of the camps can vary according to its grazing capacity, but it is prudent not to exceed 250ha per camp. If the camps are too big, keeping an eye on the animals becomes a challenge. Apart from the availability of grazing, the number of water points per camp is another key factor. One water point per camp should suffice. However, in instances where camps are larger than normal, having more than one water point is important. A good rule of thumb is not to let sheep walk more than 2km to a water point. Water points should preferably be available within a 1km limit.

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