n Stockfarm - Wet silage – yay or nay? - feeds & grazing

Volume 9 Number 12
  • ISSN : 2221-7304


Wet silage is silage with a low dry matter (DM) content. My definition of wet silage is any silage with a DM content that is lower than 30%. Good quality silage is able to maintain a balance between quantity and quality, which is determined during cutting. Every farm has its own recipe. Good quality silage is influenced by the fodder flow and production potential of roughage, and determines which aspect – quantity or quality – will require most of the farmer’s attention. The goal, however, is to keep both at optimal levels. Whether or not making wet silage is acceptable, is determined by the crop. The optimum moisture level for ensiling is usually around 35% DM and this is where it gets complicated.

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