n Ubuntu : Journal of Conflict and Social Transformation - Management of what triggers learner-performance of secondary schools : a perspective of representative council of learners

Volume 8 Number Special Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2078-760X
  • E-ISSN: 2050-4950



This paper explores the scholastic achievement of pupils in secondary schools from the perspective of the Representative Council of Learners. The paper was motivated by diverse discourses about learner- performance, most of which are based on the perspective of professionals like teachers and others. The paper is conceptual and empirical in nature within the qualitative research paradigm. The question guiding this paper is: to what extent is the prevailing spirit of learner-studiousness in a school contributes to pupil-performance at that educational institution? Narrative enquiry and interviewing techniques were used to collect data. Out of the population of 17 secondary schools in one of the circuits in Capricorn district in Limpopo Province, 6 were conveniently sampled. In each of the 6 sampled secondary schools, only Chairpersons of the Representative Council of Learners became research participants. Findings revealed that firstly, performance could be ascribed to learner self-efficacy. Secondly, it could be ascribed to learners being teachable. Thirdly, an inducing schooling environment has a share in pupil-performance. Fourthly, the school‟s seasoned leadership contributes to pupil-achievement. Fifthly, involvement of pupils in their own studies has a share in their performance. Sixthly, where pupils mingle with super-teachers on a daily basis, they are likely to perform. Lastly, the school identity and the general culture of performance contribute to pupil achievement. The researcher recommends that grade repetition has to be frowned upon where all learners are strongly advised against it especially a self-generated one where secondary school pupils simply care less about their own schooling.

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