n African Renaissance - An African philosophy of Ubuntu as a conceptual domain for scholarship in the 21st century

Volume 16 Number Special Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1744-2532
  • E-ISSN: 2516-5305


This intellectual piece is a quest to address the pivotal success indicators behind the philosophical process of Ubuntu/Botho. Conceptualisation of this piece is interlaced around constructs such as: Collaboration; Servant Leadership; Progressive empowerment; knowledge sharing and dissemination. All these construct are intertied and couched within the philosophy of Ubuntu/Botho for the advent of social justice to enhance ethical humanity. This article is informed by Critical Emancipatory Research (CER) as a Theoretical lens. This piece is an attempt to contextualised the discourses of scholarship within the 21st century, that could be understood to mean knowledge construction is systemic and would always demand or appeal to intellectual rigour. We understand in this piece that Ubuntu/Botho is a process not an event, that is characterized by the following intellectual praxis: coherence of ideas, novelty or originality, relevance and academic impact through innovative thinking. The 21st Century Scholarship is a moment in the evolution of discourses that should embrace the desire for knowledge construction and destruction, sharing with passion and vision; unveils in people the tenacity to view education as a Human Right issue. For us to reach this level of sophistication scholarship in the 21 century will demand contest of the episteme, access with success; equality enshrined in human dignity. This piece concludes by amplifying education as wholeness that could eradicate hopelessness in human race for mental emancipation.

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