n Journal of African Films & Diaspora Studies - Zimbabwean videofilms : filmmaking praxis from below

Volume 2 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2516-2705
  • E-ISSN: 2516-2713



This study examines the filmmaking practices of selected Zimbabwean videofilmmakers from concept to post-production in order to explore how they “negotiate”, “appropriate”, “contaminate” and “violate” mainstream conventional filmmaking modes. The analysis contextualizes conditions of production from concept to post-production. Evidence is that filmmaking choices are framed as much by the aesthetics of filmmaking as by the resources that are available. Filmmaking and distribution occur mostly under the radar. The videofilmmaker is a hybrid between a ‘guerilla’ and a ‘hustler’ who has adapted his/her means to create a ‘shoe-string’ alternative cinematic practice. The paper analyses popular Zimbabwean videofilms, examining the processes of production, interacting with the filmmakers and attempting to understand how they organize themselves in order to come out with low budget productions. In short, from the thematic and cinematographic imperfections and shortfalls of the Zimbabwe videofilm emerges a recognizable Zimbabwean film ‘movement’ a style, a way of doing film’, a “subgenre” worth study and critical appreciation. This is an attempt to find purpose, intention, “beauty” and method out of that which is ordinarily regarded as jumbled, unrefined, ugly and accidental. The researcher concludes that the lack of funding and institutional support has necessitated the creation of a de-centralized and decolonized filmmaking praxis in Zimbabwe.

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