oa Inkanyiso - Editorial

Volume 11 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2077-2815



Dear Inkanyiso readers,

It is my pleasure to present Inkanyiso Vol 11 No 1, which consists of seven research articles and one short communication. The articles in this issue feature aspects of the disciplines social justice, political science, law, theology, information studies and linguistics. Land ownership is a global issue that continues to raise controversial social justice debate and concerns, particularly in South Africa. The first article is by Ben Cousins from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa, and is titled ‘Land reform, accumulation and social reproduction. The South African experience in global and historical perspective’. Ben links the land issue in South Africa to a capitalist economy. It is acknowledged that the challenges of land reform are global and linked to land ownership which has to be resolved with the uniqueness of context in mind. The second article is titled ‘The Legislatures, Legislative Oversight and Crisis of Governance in Democratizing Nigeria: A Prebendalist Perspective’, by Olusesan Osunkoya and from the Tai Solarin University of Education in Nigeria, and Adeniyi Basiru from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, focuses on political science. The two authors argue that the legislatures and their functionaries in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic have made a minimal contribution in discharging their oversight roles, resulting in a crisis of governance. They conclude that as long as the legislatures, among other institutions of governance, are trapped in the prebendal orbit, the journey towards democratic accountability may continue to be painful. Christian street evangelism is widespread in Africa. In the third article, entitled ‘Generic Structure Potential Analysis of Christian Street Evangelism in Southwestern Nigeria’, Temitope Michael Ajayi from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, acknowledges the spread of Christian street evangelism in the country and examines the linguistic description of language use in Christian street evangelism. He concludes that it features five obligatory elements: songs, greetings, sermon, prayer and finis; and three optional elements: declaration of purpose, call for confession, and welcome to the unique fold.

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