n African Review of Economics and Finance - The economic history of health non-governmental organisations in Ghana

Volume 11 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2042-1478
  • E-ISSN: 2410-4906


This research seeks to highlight the history behind NGOs emergence in Ghana and Asante in particular. It attempts an inquiry concerning the role of NGOs particularly, in promoting health in Ghana and Asante in particular. The article answers the question concerning the changing objectives, discourses and practices of some early NGOs such as the Red Cross and the St. John Ambulance Services over time and how past objectives connect to contemporary aims and practices of these organizations. This was achieved by drawing insight from a wide range of sources to overcome the dearth of official information on the subject matter. Based on qualitative research approach, and relevant theories; data from informants and written sources were duly corroborated to produce a synthesis. The results show that the role of NGOs concerning development in Ghana and Asante in particular which has wider ramifications on the African continent, represent continuity of the work of their forerunners, which is, early NGOs and other voluntary organizations. The findings of the study suggest that NGOs are formed principally in response to problems peculiar to most communities. Based on our interpretation of the oral sources we postulate that local NGOs should focus on securing funds from as wide a base as possible – the local business community, national and local government and the general public, and not just from external, institutional donors such as foreign NGOs including USAID or DFID in order to solve the problems confronting communities in Ghana and Asante in particular.

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