oa Phronimon - Why the racial politic of colour-branding should be discontinued - research

Volume 20 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1561-4018



I examine colour-branding of humans, a phenomenon I denounce as leading to a dangerous “politic.” My lead questions shall be: Is it correct to profile or brand different peoples with colours? Do the symbolic meanings of different colours correctly describe the attributes and attitudes of peoples they are used to categorise? I argue that the mainstay colour descriptions of peoples amount to contradictions. The contradiction arises if we take into consideration the symbolic meanings of such colours on the one hand, and the human attributes on the other hand. A positive way of reading the colour-branding of peoples would be to suggest that colours are used to denote racial variety and not racial hierarchy. This suggestion is arguably a strong point, but when we take the semantics of colour and the events of history seriously, we might understand that racial subjugation is the inspiration behind colour-branding. I label the preceding “colour politic” and discuss it as the last frontier of racism.

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