n Southern African Journal for Folklore Studies - An analysis of the Sesotho Folktale Kgubetswana Le Talane using the binary opposition approach

Volume 29 Number 2
  • ISSN : 1016-8427



This study is based on an analysis of the Sesotho folktale Kgubetswana le Talane. The folktale is analysed using the theory of binary opposition. This theory is also consolidated with Vladimir Propp’s approach to folktales, which is used to analyse the meanings of symbols and character roles in the story. The implications of the differences and similarities of Kgubetswana le Talane with other folktales are discussed. Efforts to interpret the meanings of symbols in the story were also made by analysing the animal characters and examining these animal symbols through the understanding of the Basotho culture. The paradox between the protagonist and the antagonist is essential in the creation of the story and its themes.

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