n Journal of Public Administration - The Metabletics of leadership and public ethics in the digital age

Volume 54 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


The concept of Metabletics refers to a theory of change, more especially a theory that looks at the changing nature of humanity's psychological life. Metabletics focuses on the new moments in different epochs in human history. For the purpose of this article, the researcher focuses on the impact of the next society or digital age, as captured through the lenses of Metabletics, on leadership and public ethics in the public service. This article postulates a recalibration of leadership and public ethics paradigms so that they are in resonance with the psychology of the evolving digital age. Leadership and public ethics in the digital age have to resonate with the ethos and psychology of a digitally connected society. Events in the world and in the public service universe are moving so fast that leaders and governments are being left behind. Communities, the private sector and other stakeholders are marching into the future at an unprecedented pace, transforming and re-defining the landscape of humanity's endeavours. The emerging landscape is beckoning for agile leadership that is in step with the psychology of the digital age. This article further recommends a shift from the closed systems public ethics approaches to open systems ways of handling relationships with the stakeholder communities.

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