n Journal of Public Administration - A domum naturalia for public administration in a university structure

Volume 54 Number 2
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


The evolved waves of reform in Public Administration as discipline, as well as the internal undercurrents between Public Administration and Political Science, resulted in, among others, varying philosophical points of departure among scholars, as well as the positioning of Public Administration in different faculties at national universities. Subsequently, the following research question was formulated: Is the discipline in its philosophical and teleological bedrock more suitable to a faculty of Humanities/Social Sciences/Arts or does it lean itself more to a faculty of Economic and Management Sciences? To answer this question, the rationale of this paper has as its teleological end, factual information and academic arguments to support the domum naturalia for Public Administration within a university's academic institutional structure. In this respect, a number of factors are considered, including the ontological description and paragon of Public Administration as academic discipline, its related praxis, the reciprocal relationship between Public Administration and Political Science, the Classification of Educational Subject Matter (CESM), and the placement of Public Administration at renowned international universities. The paper provides an academic and research-based validation for the institutional placement of Public Administration in a faculty of Humanities/ Social Sciences/Arts, putting forth specific academic arguments in motivation, as well as the consequences of an institutional placement on Public Administration research and theory development.

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