n Historia - Guerrilla Warfare : Kings of Revolution, Peter Polack - book review

Volume 64 Number 2
  • ISSN : 0018-229X



"The only certain thing is that history will repeat itself” (p 13), is argued by Peter Polack in his book titled Guerrilla Warfare: Kings of Revolution. This publication provides a collection of biographies of ten notable guerrilla leaders who could serve as an inspiration to modern‐day strategists, military personnel and politicians. The term guerrilla is often associated with hardy, bearded men in groups that are ungovernable and marginalised, or often with disgruntled minorities. Polack, however, establishes that the use of the term guerrilla only surfaced during the nineteenth century, because it was used by British forces during the Peninsular War. The British soldiers used the term guerrilla to describe the actual operational deployment of local Spanish forces during their encounter with Napoleon’s French armies. The local Spanish guerrilla forces employed unconventional combat methods, such as hit‐and‐run tactics, during the protracted conflict with the French army that still fought conventionally.

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