n Journal of Public Administration - Integrated talent management in local government : theories and philosophies to guide implementation practices

Volume 54 Number 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


In spite of a plethora of benefits derived from the effective implementation of talent management practices, the local sphere of government exhibits a poor track record in this respect. Furthermore, the different views held by scholars and practitioners concerning talent management negatively influence the implementation thereof in practice. Through a qualitative research approach, with a descriptive and explanatory research design, this article reviews a number of talent management theories and philosophies, aimed at establishing a normative framework for talent management in the local sphere of government. Psychological Contract Theory, Organisational Support Theory, and Organisational Commitment Theory reveal principles relevant to talent management. In addition, the acquired/ inclusive/developable approach to talent management was found to be the most relevant talent management philosophy to the local sphere of government. The article therefore advocates for the integration of the aforementioned theories and philosophies in the structuring of talent management implementation practices in the local sphere of government through the development of a normative framework for the selection, implementation and facilitation of talent management in this sphere of government.

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