n Journal of Public Administration - Election 2019: Change and Stability in South Africa's Democracy, Collet Schulz-Herzenberg and Roger Southall (Eds.) - book review

Volume 54 Number 3
  • ISSN : 0036-0767


In the year 2019, South Africa had its sixth democratic national and provincial elections. As per the title of the book Election 2019: change and stability in South Africa’s democracy edited by Collet Schultz-Herzenberg and Roger Southall; the book already denotes what it is about. Issues such as social grants, youth empowerment, land reform and etc. are mentioned on the cover of the book to showcase some of the aspects that are included in the book. Although the book is centred on the 2019 election in South Africa, a number of issues are addressed. Among others, this includes topical problems in the country such as corruption, the triple challenge of unemployment, inequality and poverty; community protests and service delivery protests across the country which were evident prior, during and post the elections. Such challenges mentioned above clouded South Africa elections in 2019.

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