n SABI Magazine - Tydskrif - Hydro power project on the farm Klipfontein Near Cookhouse, Eastern Cape - renewable energy

Volume 12 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2071-1883


In the Cookhouse area (Eastern Cape) the electrical distribution is managed by the local municipality – Blue Crane Municipality. This means that the energy price is about double the Eskom prices. The average price is nearly R 1.90 / kWh. This makes projects aimed at generating own energy very viable. One of these farmers is Michael Vermaak from Klipfontein. His farm is situated just below the Elands Drift dam / weir, along the Fish River. Firstly, notably, the river runs through his farm and, secondly, the canal which provides water to the lower-stream farmers also runs through his farm.

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