n Wolboer / Wool Farmer - ‘Selection and best practice are crucial … and never stop learning!’ - research

Volume 7 Number 6
  • ISSN : 2307-0226


During the National Wool Growers’ Association’s 2019 National Congress, Bonita Francis met with Mongezi Mabaleka, chairman of the Luzie shearing shed, the overall winner of the 2019 NWGA/Zoetis Prestige Award for the Best Communal Shearing Shed. The Luzie shearing shed, situated in the mountainous region of Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape, was formed in the 1980s with only a few members and produced 25 bales in 1987. More than 30 years later, they boast 136 members who produced 105 bales in 2018, amounting to an income of nearly R2,1 million. Francis asked Mabaleka some questions about what makes a communal shearing shed successful.

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