n South African Journal of Agricultural Extension - Benefits and challenges of Maguga Dam resettletment scheme to displaced people in Hhohho Region of Eswatini

Volume 47 Number 4
  • ISSN : 0301-603X
  • E-ISSN: 2413-3221



Land development features land redistribution, construction of dams, land resettlement of displaced persons, as well as improvement of land fertility status through measures such as planting of grasses, herbs and trees. These features often result in benefits and encounter challenges. The purpose of this study was to identify the benefits derived from, and challenges encountered in the Maguga Dam resettlement scheme in Hhohho Region of Eswatini. Out of the 66 family members who were relocated, 58 took part in the study by providing data through interviews conducted using an interview schedule. A six-point Likert-type scale was used to measure the benefits, challenges and attitudes of the people to the new place of settlement. The benefits derived from the resettlement scheme included assistance in building new houses (100%) and provision of fertile land (100%). Over 90% benefitted from increased visits by extension agents, and formation of associations. The majority of the respondents (86.2%) indicated that compensation was adequate. Some challenges faced by most of the displaced people were poor water supply (91.4%), inadequate crop storage facilities (96.6%), inadequate farm inputs (94.8%), theft (98.3%), crop pests (96.6%), and transport facilities (100%). The majority (80.54%) had positive attitudes towards the new place of settlement. Some socio-economic characteristics had moderate and low associations with benefits derived from the resettlement scheme. In conclusion, many benefits and few challenges were experienced in the resettlement scheme. It was recommended that extension agents should intensify their contact with farmers to remove farming challenges such as inadequate farm inputs, storage facilities and access to markets.

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