oa Stellenbosch Papers in Linguistics Plus - Seeing the writer behind the writing : how the Writing Lab influenced my feedback-giving practices - note

Volume 2019 Number 57
  • ISSN : 1726-541X
  • E-ISSN: 2224-3380



Working at the Writing Lab changed the way I saw feedback. Before being a writing consultant, I had a very corrective approach to feedback. I would identify and correct every spelling, grammar, and punctuation error, as well as make comments and suggestions on structure and content. At the time, though I did not realise it, this over-focus on feedback most likely stemmed from my own feelings of not being “worthy” enough to give feedback to students, that I did not have enough authority or experience to give someone advice on their writing (hello, Imposter Syndrome, my old friend). I could therefore prove my worthiness by slathering students’ essays with comments and corrections – the more feedback I could give, the worthier I was to give feedback.

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