oa Journal for New Generation Sciences - Supply Chain constraints in the South African construction industry – perspectives from Supply Chain practitioners - research

Volume 17 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1684-4998



In the face of slowing economies globally, the construction industry faces many challenges such as socio-economic stress, resource shortages, institutional weaknesses and a general inability to respond to key issues. These have intensified and become more severe in recent years. Empirical research in supply chain management points to barriers that limit construction industries in developing countries such as South Africa. This paper aims to explore supply chain constraints in the South African construction industry. Relevant literature was reviewed and insights from 15 experienced supply chain practitioners were elicited by means of semi-structured interviews. Content analysis was employed using the ATLAS.ti (version 7) software to analyse qualitative data. Six themes emerged from the interviews, which include lack of investment in supply chains, lack of supply chain innovation process constraints, supply chain change management, supply chain collaboration, supply chain leadership, and time management. It is recommended that construction companies adopt supply chain management systems, integrated solutions, and collaborative project management tools and technologies.

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