n Without Prejudice - Tales from the US of A . . . - international

Volume 20 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1681-178X


Judge reprimanded for calling immigrants ‘foreign mud’

Lawyer fudged grandfather’s death date to excuse nonappearance

Lawyer threatened with sanctions for a missing date stamp on photo

Why experienced women leave major law firms

Lawyer’s reference in brief to “attractive” judge unacceptable

Failed law grad created firms in classmate’s name

Border agents need reasonable suspicion to search electronic devices

Random questioning by cops unconstitutional

Engineer who defecated on train connector reinstated

Prosecutor’s closing remarks lead to new murder trial

Lawyer who alleged 3,173 billable hours suspended

Lawyer sanctioned for incoherent document written by client

A law graduate student debt discharged by court

Lawyer who created digital child porn to make a legal point must pay $300K judgment

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