oa African Journal of Inter/Multidisciplinary Studies - Upscaling the South African health sector through the integration of skilled migrants

Volume 1 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2663-4589



Considering the skills shortages in the South African health sector, this study explores the possibility of integrating foreign medical doctors into the under-staffed South African health sector. In achieving this aim, semi-structured interviews were conducted amongst 37 medical doctors, alongside three business entities who recruit skilled migrants. More so, textual analysis and review of audited documents in alignment with this papers theme are reviewed. The study emphasises that no assertive policies or stratagem have been enacted or devised by the South African government or non-governmental entities in integrating such foreign doctors. In furtherance to this, no comprehensive documentation of migrants’ competence has been considered at the port of entry by the Department of Home Affairs which, on its own, represents a missed opportunity. As an agendum to integrating foreign medical doctors regionally, nationally, or locally, the study advocates a comprehensive compilation of migrants’ skills, competence, and qualifications at the port of entries. Such useful data will not only be used for decisive policies but could also be used to integrate, relocate, or mix-match skilled migrants into the under-staffed South African health sector, or integrate them into regions across the globe where their services are needed.

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