n Journal of the African Literature Association - Philip Quaque’s letters to London, 1765–1811 / Arts of being Yoruba: divination, allegory, tragedy, proverb, panegyric - book review

Volume 13 Number 3
  • ISSN : 2167-4744
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There is the saying out there that there is the tenure book, and there is the love book. The love book is not necessarily the book that follows the tenure book, so chronology is not the critical factor here. The love book is that book in which it is clearly manifest— both in its content and form—the free, energetic, uncoerced, and pleasurable psychic investment of the author. In the case of Adeeko’s book, you see that pleasure in the wealth and diversity of the archive he has drawn from, from Ifa divination to oriki to prose fiction to sartorial fashion and tabloid photography. The pleasure is also seen in the patient, absolutely unhurried, and overly detailed mode of explication, systematically unfurling arguments, citing examples, making comparisons, and teasing out criticisms— mostly in the genteel ironic mode. A book has tempo too, and the tempo of this book is leisurely, majestic. I will return to this point soon.

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