oa Africa Journal of Public Sector Development and Governance - Gender Equality at Work: Some are more equal than others, Nitasha Ramparsad - book review

Volume 2 Number 2
  • ISSN : 2617-7714



This single-authored paperback by Dr Ramparsad can be located in the broader context of identity and inclusion social action that has unfolded globally. The more recent impetus towards securing deeper forms of incorporation has arisen from the #MeToo campaign and the ‘fallist’ movement that stems from student activism on the payment of tuition fees and the ‘decolonisation’ of curriculum content at South African universities (Habib 2019). The ‘About the Author’ introductory note affirms that the writer has a keen interest in social justice and responds to the challenges posed by aggrieved social groups (in this case, women who experience injustice and various forms of overt and covert exclusion from the formal economy and institutions). The biographical note outlines that the author is committed to the African continent and on ‘producing knowledge unique to the African diaspora’. An activist orientation in producing a book on ‘gender equality’ is understandable, given the discriminatory challenges faced by women. It is also admirable as the author situates the text in her desire to make a difference and drive change in South Africa.

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