n Gender and Behaviour - Gender inequality and female accountants’ career progression in Nigeria - research

Volume 17 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1596-9231


Gender related accounting studies concentrated on experiences of female accountants in practicing firms thus creating a gap in studies that measured the interaction between female accountants and their career progression in other establishments. The study assessed the impact of gender inequality on female professional accountants’ career progression in the bursary units of federal universities in Nigeria. The study adopted descriptive survey research design and purposive sampling technique. Primary data were gathered using self administered questionnaire and analyzed using Pearson correlation statistical instrument at 0.05 percent level of significance. The outcome of the analysis revealed that all the gender inequality variables were statistically but negatively correlated except coping strategies which showed positive and statistically significant correlation to career progression of women accountants. The study concluded that the impact of gender inequality on female accountants’ career progression remains significant. The study suggested appropriate competencies as prerequisite for appointments and not gender discrimination.

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