n Gender and Behaviour - A legal analysis of gender discrimination at the Nigerian and South African workplace - research

Volume 17 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1596-9231


The issue of workplace discrimination based on gender is contentious in countries like Nigeria and South Africa, with many authors questioning the status quo that seems to favour a particular gender. There have also been arguments on the legal regime and anti-discriminatory laws best suited to address the observed gender inequality in Nigeria and South Africa. Thus, this article examines the adequacy of the laws promoting gender equality at the workplace in Nigeria and South Africa. The article adopts qualitative method to analyze both the Nigerian and South African anti-discriminatory laws, especially as it relates to achieving gender equality in the workplace. The article finds that the South African statutes on gender equality is more robust than the Nigerian statutes. South Africa has also developed institutions, mechanisms and policies to administer these laws. Consequently, the article concludes that there is a need to tighten Nigerian laws on gender equality by developing strong laws and institutions like the South African system in order to deliver equality at the Nigerian workplace. Further, this article recommends that the adoption of affirmative action in Nigeria should be done with caution in order not to compromise merit.

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