n Gender and Behaviour - Gender differences in the association of spiritual belief and self- esteem with adult attachment - research

Volume 17 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1596-9231


The original belief that there was no sex-differentiated attachment styles in Adults has now been given attention and recently sex differences have been found. The current research examined the gender differences in the attachment styles (closeness, dependent and anxiety) of Adult given spiritual belief and self-esteem as the predictor variables. A convenient sample of 288 (Male = 114; female = 174) with age range of 18 – 29 (M = 42.84, SD = 4.34) completed a cross-sectional survey that comprised demographic information and measures of Adult attachment, spiritual belief and self-esteem. A multiple regression analyses with stratified gender showed that spiritual belief and self-esteem were predictors of anxious and dependent attachment styles in female gender. The independent variables did not also predict any of the attachment styles in male. Moreover, the two independent variables were not predictive of the closeness attachment styles in both gender. Eradication of gender stereotypes and secure attachment style in parenting from infancy were recommended.

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