n Gender and Behaviour - Prevalence and associated factors of life satisfaction, happiness and optimism among women in Sierra Leone : results of the 2017 multiple indicator cluster survey - research

Volume 17 Number 4
  • ISSN : 1596-9231


The study aimed assess the prevalence and factors associated with life satisfaction and happiness among adolescent and adult women in Iraq. In the nationally representative “2017 Sierra Leone Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS)”, 18006 adolescent and adult women (15-49 years old) responded to questions on life satisfaction, happiness, optimism and social variables. Linear and logistic regression was used to investigate the associations with life satisfaction, happiness and optimism. Life satisfaction was a mean of 5.6 (range 0-10), the prevalence of being very happy was 35.4% and 93.2% thought their life would be netter in one year’s time (optimism). In adjusted linear or logistic regression analyses, having primary or more education, higher wealth status, access to media (owing a mobile phone) and not having a functional difficulty (or disability) were associated with higher life satisfaction, happiness and optimism. Belonging to an “other ethnic group” was positively and currently tobacco use and FGM were negatively associated with both life satisfaction and happiness. Compared to women who had married or entered a union before they were 18 years old, women who got married when they were 18 years and older had a higher life satisfaction and optimism. The study found that majority of Sierra Leonean adolescents and adult women reported being satisfied with their lives, were happy and optimistic. Several factors associated with life satisfaction, happiness and optimism were identified, which may help in developing interventions.

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