oa Educor Multidisciplinary Journal - The impact of digitisation on teaching and learning - research

Volume 3 Number 1
  • ISSN : 2520-4254
  • E-ISSN: 2663-2349



Digitisation greatly enhances teaching and learning, especially in universities and private colleges where students complete courses and assessments using online platforms. This article seeks to show how web-based technology can be used effectively in the teaching and learning process. The purpose of this article is therefore to acknowledge the effectiveness of using technology for online courses and assessments. When face-to-face learning is not possible, the internet and video-conferencing allows interactions to take place between facilitators and students in an online classroom environment. By uploading lecture notes, course materials and online assessments to online platforms such as Moodle, students are able to access their study material instantly. The online submission of assignments, tests and examinations further helps the lecturers or facilitators with the aspects of marking that are more tedious in nature. The evaluation of students in an online classroom can be more advantageous than traditional classrooms because more than one student can be evaluated simultaneously by facilitators analysing the students’ online discussions. By examining journal articles, e-Books and web pages relevant to the topic, this article clearly outlines the impact of digitisation in teaching and learning. It is hoped that this study will inform the reader on the pivotal role that technology can play in teaching and learning. More research is required in this field of study to ensure that lecturers or facilitators are equipped to provide effective online training and assessments.

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